Finca María Estela

Castro Barros 4987, Maipú

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Guillermo Héctor Gonzalo, Agronomist, having traveled the world and ultimately retiring, pursued his true passion for wine in Argentina. Guillermo fittingly named this vineyard he founded in honor of his wife and lifelong partner, Maria Estela.

FINCA MARIA ESTELA® Vineyard is family owned and operated and initiated production in early 2007. It is a state of the art vineyard which produces high quality grapes of both Malbec and Chardonnay varieties for still and sparkling wines. The property is counts with 22 hectators and is located in Coquimbito, Department of Maipú in the Mendoza province of Argentina.

Located in the first viticulturist zone of Argentina, FINCA MARIA ESTELA® is nestled on the famous Wine Route of Maipú. Traditional wineries of prestigious brands surround our vineyard to which we have sold portions of our grape productions.

With a team of young and talented advisers, we have applied top-notch technology and narrowed our focus to the production of fine grapes for "upper range" wines.

The vineyard has a drip irrigation system, a water well, a reservoir and irrigation rights which guarantee the highest water efficiency usage and environmentally sound irrigation methods. We utilize integrated pest management practices and protect our vines with anti-hail nets. We manage our vineyard with the latest technology, conscientiously protecting the environment.

FINCA MARIA ESTELA® has produced a limited amount of our own grape into wine. Our award winning FINCA MARIA ESTELA® Malbec 2008, is an initial production of artisan quality. CUMELÉN® Malbec 2010, is our second and most recent production.

Our arduous work and passion for wines, invite you to the tasting of our endeavor.